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Front-Wheel Alignment



Set caster and camber. Inspect steering linkage and shocks. Check tire pressure and tire wear.
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Two-Wheel Alignment Service with Toyota of Del Rio

A 2-wheel alignment, also known as a front wheel alignment, is the alignment performed on the front wheels only. This service may include a toe, camber, and caster adjustment. It is usually used on a two-wheel drive vehicle.

Why Wheel Alignment is Necessary

It needs to be done because wheels change their angles over time. Moreover, it is always important to get your vehicle checked if you hit a curb or large pothole. If your car was involved in a car accident, even a minor one, a wheel alignment may also be important. Finally, it should be done if you have replaced suspension or steering components.

The Difference Between a 2-wheel and a 4-wheel alignment

As mentioned above, a 2-wheel alignment includes the front wheels' alignment only, while a 4-wheel alignment aligns all four wheels of a car. In most cases, a 4-wheel alignment is not necessary for big trucks or SUVs with a solid rear axle.

What Are The Signs of a Bad Wheel Alignment?

Here are the symptoms telling you that you need to get a wheel alignment as soon as possible:

  • Your car pulls one side when you are driving on a straight or level road.
  • Your vehicle cannot handle the road well, wandering from side to side.
  • Tires wear unevenly
  • When you are turning, the tires are screeching.
  • When you are driving straight, the steering wheel is off-center

How Often Does a Wheel Alignment Need to Be Done?

Most mechanics recommend getting a wheel alignment every 2-3 years. However, in order to make sure, it is better to read the owner's manual. Often, it may be recommended to do a wheel alignment when new tires are installed. Also, if you have a sporty car or your vehicle has wider tires, the alignment should be done more often. In most cases, if your car holds the road well, it does not pull aside, and the tires are wearing evenly, a wheel alignment is not necessary.

What Are The Benefits of a Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment helps your tires, suspension, and steering components last longer. After a wheel alignment, you may notice that your car handles the road much better and feels much more stable. It is especially noticeable if you have a vehicle with wider tires or a sporty car.

Get Toyota Two-wheel Alignment at Toyota of Del Rio

Toyota of Del Rio located in the town of Del Rio, TX is considered one of the top dealerships in the area. Our team of highly qualified professionals do their best to make your experience at our dealership hassle-free and keep your vehicle on the move. Our service department provides a variety of service and routine maintenance, including wheel alignment. Every service we offer is performed by a factory-trained and experienced technician. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit our website or give us a call at any time.

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