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What Is an Engine Air Filter?

The engine air filter prevents dust and dirt from getting into your engine. Without an engine air filter, the dust can go right into your engine and get circulated around your car. Whenever a foreign contaminant is introduced to an engine, bad things start to happen. Your car will seize and stop working as more dust is introduced. This small piece is crucial when it comes to your car running smoothly and running for a long time. It is an engineered piece of fabric inside of a cardboard or metal shell.

Why Would I Need to Replace My Engine Air Filter?

Over time, your filter will clog up with all the dirt and dust that it's trapping. When the filter is too dirty, it won't let enough airflow into your engine and lead to overheating. It works the same as any other filter that you might have seen in the past. The reason we change filters is so that you can successfully filter the air again. With a new engine air filter, your engine will run cooler while the dust and dirt get trapped.

When and How Often Should I Get A New Engine Air Filter?

You should get a new engine air filter every 30,000 miles. Some car manufacturers recommend different mileage. Some go as high as 45,000. Toyota says that if you're driving in severe conditions such as hot weather, unpaved roads, dusty conditions, or heavy traffic, then you should look at a shorter replacement period. They suggest 15,000 but it depends on the conditions that you're driving in. The process is pretty easy for our professional team to take care of. We are licensed and we go through a lot of training to make sure we know how to perform this task. If you're stopping in for an oil change, we might suggest an engine air filter replacement as well.

Why Choose Toyota of Del Rio?

At Toyota of Del Rio, we have a lot of hands-on experience working on Toyota engine air filter. We have been in this industry for a long time, and our team is very knowledgeable. We use OEM parts and OEM procedures to make sure that you always get the best results. You can put us to the test. You'll always be greeted by a friendly face, and our mechanics can talk to you and explain what's going on. We don't want you to compromise or settle when it comes to your vehicle. You deserve the best service from the best team, and that's what you'll find at Toyota of Del Rio.

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