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Spring Maintenance
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Toyota Spring Maintenance Tips


Spring Maintenance Tips with Toyota of Del Rio

Getting your car ready for spring is a great opportunity to take care of any deferred maintenance needs from winter and also deal with the aesthetic issue of winter grime. Toyota of Del Rio is here to help you check off items on your spring car care checklist and get you back on the road with a fresh-looking vehicle ready for spring road trips and outings. Whether you live in Del Rio, Cienegas Terrace, Val Verde Park, or Laughlin AFB, stop by today for the best Toyota service.


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Recommended Spring Services at Toyota of Del Rio

  • Car Wash and Detailing: A core part of spring car care is removing the grime associated with winter driving. In climates with extremely cold weather, this often means the removal of road salt and residue from other deicing treatments. In the southern United States, winter typically leads to increased rainfall and the build-up of more grime from damp roads. In our detailing service with a car wash, we leave your exterior looking new and remove any dirt, leaves, and other fall and winter debris from the vehicle
  • Tire Inspection: Cold air in the winter often leads to a slight reduction in air pressure in the tires. You may need to add more air in the winter and then gradually reduce the pressure as temperatures warm. A spring tire inspection helps you ensure your air pressure is stable in all tires going into the summer months and provides an opportunity to review tread depth and wear patterns. If we notice your tires are nearing replacement, we are ready to help with a new replacement set, installation, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Battery Inspection and Testing: Battery problems usually appear during the winter. However, the strain of cold weather can also weaken an already depleting battery. In a battery inspection, we do a voltage test to determine the overall health of the battery and check for any other problems, such as corroded terminals or loose connections. When you need a new battery, we have a full selection of original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, options to choose from.
  • Check Your Wiper Blades: Freezing temperatures and winter precipitation can take a toll on your wiper blades. Blades need to be changed annually, so spring is an excellent time to start a routine maintenance schedule.
  • A/C System Inspections: An air conditioning check is essential for preparing for a hot Texas summer. By tackling a quick A/C check during the spring, you can avoid any temporary loss of service or larger malfunctions. We assess your full system and search for leaks, check your filters, and make sure everything, including your defroster and seat warmers, are still functioning after the cold weather season.

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